Equipment Classes, One to One and Rehabilitation Guidance

Ocean Pilates® is committed to empowering people through movement and work towards movement without pain.  Pilates has a proven track record to assist individuals with significant pain reduction or elimination, and is an excellent form of exercise for pre-surgery and post surgery recovery.  Each Pilates session is specifically tailored to your individual needs and requirements, which will enable you to achieve your goals with one-to-one guidance encouragement and motivation.

We have a beautiful fully equipped studio with the latest, Cadillac, convertable to a Reformer, two Reformers, convertable to a Tower, two Wunda Chairs, High Barrell and Spine Corrector.

Mat Pilates Classes

Classes include Mat and Pregnancy Pilates, with the use of props, such as the Foam Roller, Pilates Circle, BOSU, Fitball and hand/ankle weights. 

The Pilates classes run on a four weekly cycle, focusing on a different part of the anatomy each week.  This enables muscles to fully recover and ready to be challenged again next time! This has been reflected in the 10 Pilates and Core Strength DVD's Sammy Carter has designed and produced.  Clients are able to perfect their technique in class and practice at home, with either the training manual or the corresponding DVD.