Ocean Pilates® has produced a number of Pilates and core strength DVD’s, all filmed at the beautiful Fisherman’s Beach, on the Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, they are listed below in order of ability.  


Ability - Beginner to Intermediate


Beginners Classical Mat Pilates DVD, 2013

This 35 minute workout is suitable for those new to Pilates or those wishing to refresh the fundamentals of the Pilates method of exercise.  The DVD follows the traditional classical Mat Pilates routine as designed by Joseph Pilates.  The DVD begins with a warm-up using balance and flexibility, before moving onto abdominal exercises incorporating a combination of stretching and back strengthening movements.  This DVD is the foundation for further intermediate and advanced Pilates.

Pregnancy Mat Pilates DVD, 2013

This DVD is suitable for women from 1st to 3rd trimester pregnancy and post-pregnancy, (for those getting back into shape).  This 1 hour gentle workout focuses on the whole body.  This routine starts with a gentle warm-up, incorporating balance and stretching, with leg, back and arm flexibility.  Moving onto your side for the leg toning sequence and finishes off with arm strengthening exercises.


Ability - Intermediate to Advanced

Back & Core Mat Pilates DVD, 2014

This 55 minute workout is aimed at an intermediate to advanced level.  The workout concentrates on strengthening and stabilizing your back and core muscles, whilst developing tone and lengthening your leg muscles at the same time.  This routine also includes all over body stretches.


Extended Classical Mat Pilates DVD, 2014

Aimed at an intermediate to advanced level, this workout comprises of 50 minutes of classical and contemporary (power) Pilates.  The aim of this routine is to provide a total body workout working your core and sculpting your arms and legs, increasing flexibility and strength in your back.


Mat Pilates Legs DVD, 2013

This DVD is an intermediate to advanced level, 41 minute predominant legs workout.  Focusing on developing and toning your legs, hips and bottom activated by core stability.  This routine also encompasses arm strengthening exercises and all over body stretches.

Shoulders, Oblique’s & Core Mat Pilates DVD, 2013

This 34 minute intensive workout is aimed at an intermediate to advanced level.  The workout begins with the Sun Salutation warm-up before moving onto a combination of abdominal, arm and back exercises. Stretches are infused into the routine to rest and lengthen the muscles.


Pilates & BOSU DVD, 2014

This intermediate to advanced level 41 minute workout begins with a balance warm-up before moving onto classical & contemporary Pilates exercises, performed on the BOSU.  The routine interlinks abdominal & back exercises which are infused with stretches.  This DVD challenges your body with balance & control to execute the exercises correctly, giving you a challenging workout.


Ability – Advanced to Elite


30 Minute Mat Pilates Abs Blast DVD, 2013

This 30 minute intensive abdominal workout is aimed at an advanced to elite level Pilates devotee.  Beginning with the Sun Salutation for the warm-up, the DVD moves quickly into Sammy’s favorite abdominal exercises, showing you the essence of how the Pilates principles can be applied & how beautiful & graceful Pilates can be, if practiced correctly.  The exercises include Teasers, Open & Closed Leg Rockers sequence, Rollovers & Jacknife.  There are stretches & back exercises fused into the routine to give the abdominal's a breather!


Elite Mat Pilates DVD, 2013
This advanced level 39 minute workout begins with the Sun Salutation warm-up.  The routine progresses onto extended classical mat Pilates, interlinking abdominal strengthening exercises and stretched, before focusing on specific back and core strengthening movements.  There are a number of stretches infused throughout the routine which concentrate on lengthening and increasing flexibility within the muscles.

Mat Pilates & Medicine Ball DVD, 2013
This 45 minute DVD is aimed at an advanced to elite level Pilates enthusiast.  Incorporating a medicine ball into many of the classical Pilates moves, to increase core strength, tone and sculpt your body.  This demanding quick paced all over body routine challenges your Pilates principles, requiring focus and control to complete the exercises.


Available to purchase $25 per DVD.


Ocean Pilates® can also supply the black extra strong exercise bands used in class for stretching and rehabilitation exercises for $15 each.